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Meg'sNourished Kitchen

About Me


Thank you for being here. Food to me is the most powerful catalyst that brings people together. Sitting around a table, engaging in conversation with strangers or friends creates community, connection, empowerment and nourishment. I struggled with chronic illness for years and felt incredibly isolated at times. Through food, I was able to heal my body, and pursue my passion of cooking in hopes to help others with similar struggles.

I am a Certified Natural Food Chef through the Nutrition Therapy Institute as well as a Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I incorporate mindful cooking practices as well as coaching strategies to help you become the most nourished human you can be. I want to help you connect to yourself, others, and the planet. Let's get back to our roots and dig in.


Are you having an intimate dinner party and want to provide nourishing food for your guests? I will plan the menu, grocery shop, cook, serve, and clean up. This means you can focus on entertaining and enjoy your event.

Personal Chefing

Designed for families, individuals or couples who want to eat better but do not feel they have the capacity. I will cook in your home and provide enough meals to fit your needs. My services include menu design, grocery shopping, cooking and cleanup.

We will cook together, organize your pantry/kitchen, and have fun! This is designed to bring inspiration and confidence to you in the kitchen. I provide resources for menu planning, budget hacks, kitchen organization, grocery shopping and more.



"The food was creative and delicious. Meghan made fantastic and healthy food that could make anyone excited about eating better."


"Meghan cooked for one of our workshops. She had the best food ready after a long day of outings. We really appreciated everything she did."


"Meghan cooked dinner for my birthday. The food was excellent and you could tell the time and thoughtfulness she put into cooking."


"We had an amazing time, all thanks to Meghan. She shopped, cooked, and cleaned! Our dinner party was so much more enjoyable without the stress. Thank YOU!


**All services are local to the Colorado Springs area.

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